The Wonders of Purple Corn

How purple colored corn can attract fortune and provide good health to people. 

by Julio P. Yap, Jr.

As 2017 is the Year of the Rooster according to Chinese astrology, several feng shui experts say that since they are two of the auspicious colors for the year, more people should be using red or purple colored objects to attract fortune, luck, and good health.

In particular, they claim that purple is an admired hue, and is commonly used to attract good energy. It is even linked to spiritual awareness, including mental and physical healing. Generally, purple is considered a soothing and calming color, and is often associated with well-being and good health.


When it comes to healthy food, purple-colored fruits and vegetables are now noted for their anthocyanin content. According to Rudy Dean, regional sales manager of Allied Botanical Corporation (ABC) for Regions 4A and 5, anthocyanin is said to improve the functions of the heart, eyes, and nervous system. He says that anthocyanin can lower bad cholesterol levels, and that this could help preventing heart diseases and hypertension.

Anthocyanin is usually found in blue, red, and purple fruits and veggies, like purple corn, a variety becoming popular among Filipinos. It was learned that purple corn, with its rich antioxidant content, can also help protect those who include it in their diets against cancer, diabetes, and obesity.

Also, as it is a natural food, purple corn can help restore the body’s collagen levels, and this could help delay ageing. Collagen is believed to improve the appearance of the skin, nails, and hair.

Purple corn, with its rich antioxidant content, can help protect people against cancer, diabetes, and obesity.


Purple corn isn’t new; it’s been cultivated and available for a long time. It was believed to have been planted first by the Incas of Peru some 4,000 years ago.

In the Philippines, the seeds of purple corn can now be sourced from Allied Botanical Corporation. It is known as Purple Magic, which is under the Condor Seeds brand.

Purple corn is cultivated the same way as ordinary sweet corn and white corn. It can be harvested 75 days after its seeds are planted.

During last year’s edition of Agrilink that was held at the World Trade Center in Pasay City,the purple corn variety of ABC attracted the interest of many visitors. To whet their interest further, freshly harvested purple corn was made available, cooked, in one of the outdoor exhibit booths of ABC at a very affordable price. It was very sweet-tasting, soft, and very nice and enjoyable to eat straight off the cob when boiled or steamed.

Purple corn is cultivated just like planting ordinary sweet corn and white corn. Seeds of ‘Purple Magic’ can now be sourced from Allied Botanical Corporation.

Purple Magic is one of the highlights of ABC’s 2017 Open House event, dubbed, “ABC’s Take Off to Agri-tourism.” It started in February and is expected to go on for three months.

Prior to this, the Department of Tourism in Region 1 accredited the 23-hectare research and development (R&D) farm of ABC—the Allied Agro Tech Incorporated (AATI) research farm in Barangay C. Lichauco in the province of Pangasinan— as a “Day Farm” agri-tourism destination. There, the company breeds and screens most of its new vegetable varieties, which after years of careful and rigid testing are eventually released for distribution to farmers and agriculture enthusiasts all over the country.

A 30-minute drive from the Carmen Exit of the TarlacPangasinan-La Union Expressway (TPLEX) in Pangasinan lets visitors easily reach the farm in Tayug, where the event is being held.

This story appeared in Agriculture Monthly’s March 2017 issue.

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  1. May i know the price of purple corn seeds and where can i buy it. My location is Esperanza, sultan kudarat. Thanks

    1. Hello! Please contact the subject of the article directly. Thank you.

  2. May i know the price of purple corn seeds and where can i buy it. My location is Davao City.

    1. Hello!
      Please directly contact the source in the article.

  3. Hello sir good evning. I am from mindanao and i am so interested to buy for this purple corn seeds po kahit 1 kilo lang po. Pwedi po ba mag ask where po kami oweding tumawag? What address and cp numbe
    r po?

    1. Hello!

      We suggest to contact your local DA for more information on this matter.

      Thank you and stay tuned to for more Pinoy agri-related stories.

  4. May i know the potential yield in kg/ha. of this purple corn in one cropping ?…Thank you

    1. Hello!

      Kindly contact the subject/source of the article directly for more information. Thank you!

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