Growkit Inspires Future Farmers

This story will encourage the younger generation to try agriculture here in the Philippines. 

RAMGO International Corporation has designed a fun and exciting tool to interest kids in pre-school and elementary in gardening. Its Veggie GrowKits aim to educate kids about growing and caring for their plants. Highlighted in the School GrowKit Project are short-gestating crops such as mungbean and pechay.

Ramgo Veggie GrowKits: School Project Series Herb Variants for GrowKit: basil, chives, parsley Italian, rocket arugula, thyme.

Ramgo’s Veggie GrowKit is a package of exciting and fulfilling veggie planting experiences for the children. Kids get to learn the importance of responsibility and care for plants as they grow their own vegetables. This is a developmental process for them to learn how a seed becomes food on the table.

Every GrowKit includes Ramgo Seeds, Nutricote fertilizer, and Seed Raising Mix to ensure their plant’s growth and development! Plus, kids can draw, sketch or write their day-today observations on the provided Ramgo Veggie Project Sheet.

Grace Christian Fellowship School is one of the early adopters of the Ramgo Veggie GrowKits. They have incorporated it as a tool in learning about how to properly plant and care for the vegetables, importance of eating nutritious vegetables, and development stages of plants in Science and Health subjects.

For more information, visit RAMGO International Corporation

This story appeared in Agriculture Monthly’s February 2017 issue. 

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