Despite the hindrances in farming, this product will surely be a beneficial equipment to every Filipino farmer in the country. 

Given environmental concerns, power outages and calamities, harnessing the heat of the sun for electrical power is more practical for Filipinos, being in a tropical country, especially for those in the farmlands.

With its mission to bring sustainable and quality farming equipment to the Filipino farmers, NEXPRO is introducing to the Philippines the first solar-powered knapsack sprayer in the country. This specially designed solar panel can be plugged directly to the sprayer’s battery source to ensure a continuous flow of electricity to the battery.

“For a drained battery, it usually takes 5-6 hours solar charging under direct sunlight to get full power, or 8 hours under cloudy conditions,” said My Happy Farmer’s sales manager Wendy de De Mesa. He added, “We are proud to say that we are the first to bring the solar-powered knapsack sprayer [to the country]. We hope that with the added feature our Filipino farmer maximizes the use of our NEXPRO Knapsack Sprayers.”

The three power sources—solar power, manual pump, and battery—are the reasons why the sprayer has gotten much positive feedback from farmers. “Coffee and lunch breaks at the farms can now be utilized as charging time without using commercial energy for continuous work and non-stop spraying,” De Mesa said.

For more information about the NEXPRO 3-in-1 Knapsack Sprayer, contact (0932) 854.0945 or message the company on Facebook: My Happy Farmer, or call their landline at (02) 416.6938.

This story appeared in Agriculture Monthly’s March 2017 issue.