This Wood-chipper is a Master Mulcher

A newly introduced wood-chipper to help every people when cutting or mulching woods. 

It’s now possible to use the branches lying around one’s backyard more effectively with a wood-chipper designed to reduce and grind leaves, branches, and even coconut husks. The ground pieces can be used as fertilizer for soil and crops, which is both economical and practical.

NEXPRO Woodchippers have left many customers satisfied. Rommel Lopez, My Happy Farmer sales executive, shares, “We have a customer who is a coconut farm owner from Palawan. He happily reported to us that the 15HP NEXPRO woodchipper he bought was doing a great job in grinding 20,000 coconut husks a day with no problems at all.” The customer mixes the resulting ground pieces in the soil for the trees.

Another satisfied customer is a furniture owner from Cavite “…who was amazed [by] the performance of the NEXPRO woodchipper, [which] can [break down] small wood pieces to finer wood chips that are easier to dispose [of] or store as needed, ” added Lopez.

It’s not just commercial owners who benefit from it. “A homeowners’ association from Sta. Rosa, Laguna, which recently purchased a 9HP NEXPRO woodchipper, utilizes it for the maintenance of their residential homes and streets, and to lessen the garbage accumulation in their area.” Thus, from a truckload of garbage, “…they now get sacks of good old fertilizer.”

The NEXPRO woodchipper comes with free accessories: a pair of goggles, ear protectors, a pair of gloves, an oil pot, and spanner. And they come in three engine capacities: 9HP, 13HP or 15HP. Consumable parts are also available for purchase when the original machine is acquired to ensure that customers never get behind on their landscaping or clean-up work.

For more information about these wood chippers, please contact (0932) 854.0945 or message the company on Facebook: My Happy Farmer, or contact their landline at (02) 416.6938.

This story appeared in Agriculture Monthly’s March 2017 issue. 

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