Kickstarting Summer Activities with Power Engines

Filipinos look forward to summer; for Filipino farmers, it is the start of planting season and the flurry of tasks and jobs that have to be accomplished.

As more and more farmers are becoming open to the idea of mechanizing farms, the more important it is for them to consider which of the many types of farming equipment available on the market are worth the money.

“[Machinery is] are more susceptible to damage because of the high heat and [the maximum workloads] required during the planting season,” said Mr. Wendy de Mesa, sales manager of My Happy Farmer. “It is only natural [for] farmers [to] prefer to buy the branded, well-known machines. This is the usual mindset: branded equals expensive equals quality. [Our products], Nexpro Power Engines, aim to change that [mindset in order] to show that quality also comes from less expensive alternatives.”

Nexpro Power Engines are comprised of three models: NP186F, NP186FA and NP188F. “These are all four-stroke, air-cooled diesel engines,” said Mr. de Mesa. “They may share the same features at one glance, but we assure our customers [that the engines] aren’t the same at all.” 

NP186F is the lightweight among the three at 10 HP and can even used as an engine for small boats. Those who prefer to have an engine that is government-accredited and tested are likely to choose the NP186FA because it is AMTEC (Agricultural Machinery Testing and Evaluation Center of the University of the Philippines Los Banos)-certified, and nothing says quality more than a genuine seal of government approval. Those who want a heavy duty engine and don’t mind spending a little more will want the NP188F with its 14HP performance.

Best of all, Nexpro Power Engines aren’t exclusively for agricultural use. One can use them for a variety of purposes and applications: in small jeeps, water pumps and more.

For more information about NEXPRO products, contact 0932.854.0945 or message the company on Facebook: My Happy Farmer, or call (02) 416.6938.

This story appeared in Agriculture Monthly’s April 2017 issue. 

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