The three canned chevon (goat meat) developed by Dr. Jonathan Nayga of the Isabela State University have been adopted as the One-Town-One-Product (OTOP) of Echague town. These include Kilawin, Kaldereta and Adobo.

As a major step taken by Echague Mayor Francis Faustino Dy, the town is allocating funds to purchase 1,000 goats for dispersal to selected goat farmers who will produce slaughter animals for the requirements of the canning facilities of Dr. Nayga.

A pack of chevon kilawin, kaldereta, and adobo produced by the Cagayan Valley Small Ruminants Research Center at the Isabela State University in Echague headed by Dr. Jonathan Nayga.

The three canned chevon are well accepted by consumers. The big problem is that there is not enough slaughter goats to sustain the canning operations of Dr. Nayga.

Before turning over the goats to the farmers, they have to undergo training under Dr. Nayga to make sure that they will succeed in raising animals for slaughter. To ensure availability of cheap feeds during the dry months, corn silage making in commercial scale is now being undertaken by Agri Component.

This story appeared in Agriculture Monthly’s October 2017 issue.