The Gift Of Growing

If ideas for Christmas gifts have you stumped, why not give the gift of gardening? It’s literally the gift that keeps giving—to you and your recipient.

By Arielina Arevalo

There’s something special about growing your own vegetables at home. From planting the seeds and seeing the sprouts appear, there’s nothing more satisfying than watching your plants grow then harvesting and eating the fruits and vegetables of your labor.

Ramgo International Corporation has designed a fun way to get everyone, regardless of age or skill level, into gardening. The Ramgo GrowKit is aimed at giving users a fulfilling experience in planting their own seeds. Every Growkit includes Ramgo Vegetable Seeds, Nutricote Controlled Release Fertilizer, a plastic pot and saucer, and Seed Raising Mix to ensure the plant’s growth, development, and eventual harvest.

Ramon Joseph Arcenas, a garden lover from Las Piñas City, finds the Ramgo GrowKit a unique Christmas gift for family and friends. He has tried the Pechay, Arugula, and Mongo GrowKits. He shared that the attractive packaging makes it more appealing, and the kit complements his hobby, which is gardening.

His first purchase of a GrowKit came about as he passed by the Ramgo Seeds shelf, something he did every time he was at the supermarket. He says the GrowKit has been an amazing father and son bonding experience for him and his 3-year old son. Arcenas was also impressed by the germination rate of the seeds and the helpful planting guide that comes with the kit.

The Ramgo Growkit comes in Basil, Chives, Parsley Italian, Pechay, Rocket Arugula, Stevia, and Mongo variants and is available at almost 900 outlets in the most popular local department stores, hardware stores, and supermarkets nationwide.

This story appeared in Agriculture Monthly’s December 2017 issue. 

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