Monsanto Philippines, Inc. (MPI) has registered its “Refuge-ina-Bag (RIB)” product to comply with the new DA directive.

RIB, Monsanto’s single-bag solution for implementing the revised refuge strategy requirement for Bt corn, is based on the concept of planting a mixture of Bt corn seed and non-Bt seed in a field, allowing the grower to comply with the refuge requisite without the need to plant or maintain the structured refuge required by the superseded rule.

In RIB, 10% or 5% of non-Bt seed is pre-blended with the Bt seed in a single bag, with the non-Bt corn refuge to be planted interspersed with the Bt corn in the field.

In complying with the revised refuge requirement, MPI introduced its Dekalb Genuity 5% RIB products, as it is the sole marketer of pyramided or stacked-trait Bt corn seed at present. The Genuity technology benefit of Dekalb is yield protection through effective weed control and protection against key worms. Dekalb Genuity contains MON 89034 x NK 603, a pyramided or stacked-trait Bt corn approved for commercial planting in 2010. MON 89034 contains genes for insect resistance (IR) while NK 603 imbues it with herbicide tolerance (HT).

The active ingredients conferring the IR trait are Cry1A.105 and Cry2Ab2 from B. thuringiensis that together control the ACB. The Genuity hybrid also contains the Roundup-Ready 2

Roundup Ready crops contain genes that confer HT to glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup brand agricultural herbicides. Roundup brand agricultural herbicides will kill crops not tolerant to glyphosate.

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This story appeared in Agriculture Monthly’s June 2014 issue.