Here’s a brief story on how a fisherman turned to growing high-value crops.

Dennis Pesigan used to be a fisherman in San Juan, Batangas but gave that
up about 10 years ago to become a full time grower of high-value crops like papaya, ampalaya and hot peppers.

He planted Mestiso ampalaya on 2,500 square meters last November 13, 2013 and to date he has already harvested 33 tons worth P1.2 million.

He also planted Red Royale and Cariñosa papaya on 2,000 square meters which are very prolific. He has already harvested 3.4 tons from them and hopes to harvest more in the coming months.

He is shown here holding a fruit of Red Royale papaya during the papaya expo recently held in his farm in Brgy. Balagbag, San Juan, Batangas.

This story appeared in Agriculture Monthly’s May 2014 issue.