Students form Mini Company to Sell Novel Organic Fertilizer

Twenty-seven business administration students of St. Dominic College of Asia have formed a mini company called Indgo to engage in the distribution of a novel organic fertilizer called ‘Gorganic’.

Gorganic is made mostly of pulverized fruits dissolved in alkaline water. It was formulated using nanotechnology which causes the liquid-based fertilizer to be highly concentrated. Sprayed on the leaves, it offers a number of advantages.

Gorganic organic fertilizer.

Plants grow faster as nanotechnology helps in the rapid absorption of the nutrients by the plants. The fertilizer is highly concentrated so the nutrients easily penetrate the leaf’s stomata.

Nanotechnology helps in tightly packing the nutrients needed by plants in an extremely small structure. This helps make the product economical. Thus, a tiny drop of Gorganic can already be enough for mixing in one liter of water.

One to two liters of the solution could be enough for one hectare of land. Only 15 ml. or 1.5 tablespoons of Gorganic is needed to mix with water in a 16-liter knapsack sprayer.

It is claimed that Gorganic does not contain any chemical substance which can kill the beneficial microbes in the soil, and that it is rich in oxygen, which enhances plant growth. It is also claimed to contain minerals that will rapidly stabilize soil pH levels and neutralize soil acidity. The fertilizer can be applied on grasses, fruit trees, vegetables and many other crops.

Gorganic is also claimed to be safe for humans. In fact, it is edible and can be applied directly to the skin to disinfect wounds and acne.

The junior businesspersons procure their supply of Gorganic fertilizer from its inventor, Engr. Glenn Castillo. The students formed Indgo in compliance with the Mini Company program of the Junior Achievements of the Philippines, Inc. of which St. Dominic College of Asia is a member.

This appeared without a byline in Agriculture Monthly’s March 2015 issue.

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