The Benefits of Growing Your Own Food

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Space shouldn’t be an issue to growing your own food.

By Yvette Tan

There are many benefits to growing your own food. Ralph Becker, CEO of Urban Greens, a tech startup that’s taking the guesswork out of urban farming, lists some:

Less carbon footprint. “More and more people are moving from the rural areas into the urban areas. In order for us to cater to that larger amount of people, we will have to chop down quite lot of land, forest land, and then transport that in. That caused us so many problems on an ecological scale, not only in terms of carbon footprint but also the massive amount of forest land that we would lose.” Growing your own food would help curb this!

Less travel time, more freshness. “Food doesn’t travel well. The more you add the harvest time and the consumption time, the more you lose quality. We’ve found many ways to harvest when products are not ripe. We put them on cooling containers, and then once they get to the warehouse, we blast them with warm lights. “Fresh” vegetables are packed with preservatives. The best is to have your own garden at home so you could farm your own food.”

Space saving. “In an urban space, not many people will have that luxury of owning their own garden. So the different systems that are available can help these urban farms.” Small spaces plus a lot of creativity can equal your own tiny edible garden!

Try your hand at growing your own food. Even if you start with monggo seeds, and take the first step to taking charge of knowing where your food comes from.

For more information, visit Urban Greens

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Yvette Tan
Yvette Tan is Agriculture magazine's managing editor Agriculture.com.ph’s web editor. She is an award-winning writer who likes to eat, travel, and listen to stories about the strange and supernatural. She is dedicated to encouraging people to push for sustainable food sources and is an advocate of food security, food sovereignty, and the preservation of community foodways.

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