Zambales Showcases Mango Variety

The province of Zambales welcomed summer with the recently concluded Dinamulag Festival to celebrate the harvest of its sweet-tasting mango variety.

Dinamulag or kinalabaw is a sweet and large variety of mango which abounds across the coastal towns of Zambales.

The province is one of the country’s top producers of the national fruit, with an annual yield of 15,046,770 kilograms (kgs), harvested from 428,637 mango trees spread out over 7,500 hectares of plantations. The locus of the festivity is the street parade and dancing competition with contingents of revelers dressed in mangoinspired costumes, and floats depicting the people’s rural way of life.

The municipal governments also showcased their “One Town, One Product” goods at the Zambales Sports Complex, composed native delicacies dominated by mango-basedprocessed foodstuff such as wine, purees, dried mango, pie, preserves, and kamias or ‘iba’.

The festival concluded with a familiarization tour of the province’s tourist attractions, capped by mango picking in the orchards of Botolan.

Zambales governor Hermogenes Ebdane said that the festival will usher in the long summer excursions to one of the country’s top domestic tourist destinations.

This appeared without a byline in Agriculture Monthly’s May 2016 issue.

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