By Patricia Bianca S. Taculao

Climate change is an imminent threat to the world. Its effects are manifesting in different ways that everyone can feel. Unknown to most people, even the oceans are experiencing a climate crisis underneath the waves.

In the previous decades, the oceans underwent an unusual warming which led to currents shifting from their regular flow. Climate change is leaving a disturbing impact on marine life.

As the water temperature rises, fish and other sea life are migrating toward the North or South Pole in order to maintain the balance in the temperature that these marine creatures need to thrive. This results in a decline in the numbers and species of fish that the people are used to seeing in different bodies of water.

Reporters and photographers from Reuters have spent more than year to compile stories and information about the natural disaster occurring beneath the waves. Their findings include:

  • Fish are moving 10 times further from their usual locations
  • Some areas where marine creatures were prominent before are now experiencing a collapse since these animals are moving to different spots
  • The catch value of fish is decreasing
  • Some aquatic animals are getting more complicated to catch

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