By Patricia Bianca S. Taculao

Western Australian egg producer Blythe Calnan from Runnymede Farm in Binningup, 150 kilometers south of Perth, made a rare discovery while she was collecting eggs on a Sunday morning.

According to Calnan, the biggest egg they found on the farm weighed around 119 grams. So her new discovery has just broken their record.

But there’s more to the new egg than its size.

When Calnan shook it, she felt that there was something solid inside. She then cracked open the large egg only to discover another egg inside!

It was not clear which hen in their farm laid the ‘egg-citing’ find, but the phenomenon must have been the result of an off day for the hen. Calnan believes that something must have gone wrong during the contraction process, where instead of pushing the egg out, the contraction began from the bottom and pushed the egg up to where the others were formed. The existing egg was then enveloped inside the newly formed one and was put out the following day.

What an egg-ceptional find!

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