By Patricia Bianca S. Taculao

Most of the time, waste from the food we eat are just thrown away. But if you have a garden, there’s a way to reduce the organic contents of your trash bin and put them to good use.

Composting is an easy, practical way to enhance garden soil and improve plant production since the nutrients from food scraps, as it decomposes, will transfer to the ground.

Here are some tips to remember when composting:

  1. Break up compost ingredients more evenly to quicken the decaying process.
  2. Cover or bury mildew and rust so they won’t continue their cycle and proceed to decompose. This goes for ingredients such as potatoes or other organic scraps so as to prevent the spread of diseased or rotted particles.
  3. Rot in fruit must be picked off before being buried 30cm deep in the ground.

Burying is also a more environmental-friendly approach to composting compared to burning dried leaves and other trash.

Try your hand at composting. You can help save the planet while saving money on keeping your garden healthy.

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