Small in Size but Packed with Power

The Philippines is made up of small islands and mountain ranges, and so, unlike other agricultural countries in Asia which farm large hectares of land, the country’s agricultural lands are made of small pieces of privately owned farmlands.

According to Happy Farmer sales manager Wendy De Mesa, there is a lack of appropriate technology for these conditions available in the market today for small farmers. “This is the
reason why there are still a lot of them who struggle in making a decent living,” he adds.

In its quest to help give farmers solutions for their unique needs, My Happy Farmer imported the NEXPRO Mini Combine Harvester NX40 and NX50 to serve as better partners for local farmers. De Mesa says they are especially effective in mountainous provinces and regional highlands, which a combine power harvester cannot access.

There are two major types for the mini power harvester: the rubber-wheel type and the triangular crawler type. The rubber-wheel type works perfectly for dry and flat farms. It very easy to maneuver as it moves and adjusts its direction effortlessly even in small spaces. Transporting this harvester to and from the farm is hassle-free.

The triangular crawler type harvester is used for wet farmlands. It is made of rubber track pads that allow smooth movement even on uneven groundin rugged fields and ditches.

The NEXPRO Mini Combine Harvester only requires around 2 to 3 workers to operate efficiently on a farmland. It can harvest about 1 hectare in a day. The engine runs on diesel fuel.

De Mesa says that the company is committed to continue finding solutions for local farmers. “[We] look for ways to make their work simpler while doubling their productivity and profit.”

This appeared in Agriculture Monthly’s September 2016 issue. 

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