By Patricia Bianca S. Taculao

Beekeeping is the process of owning and breeding bees. The main goal is to harvest the honey and other raw materials that the colony produces.

However, there are beekeepers who have other ideas in mind aside from gaining a profit.

Rather than managing a common apiary for honey production, these beekeepers operate a bee sanctuary where the bees are kept in an environment free from harmful chemicals and diseases.

There are several ways to properly maintain a bee sanctuary. One of these is through practicing a natural way of beekeeping.

Natural beekeeping involves processes such as not moving the beehives to avoid stressing the bees, letting them build their own natural combs, and not feeding them artificial supplements like sugar syrup or even antibiotics.

Another common method that natural beekeepers practice is not using any chemical sprays that commercial beekeepers utilize. This stemmed from the the threat of the dwindling bee population in the world.

This ethical way of beekeeping is met with interest from the market since it provides pure honey that’s not mixed with sugar syrup or other addendums. In addition, it also helps in keeping the number of bees from declining while aiding in their repopulation.

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