A Reliable Farming Partner for Over 35 Years

Known as a big agricultural market in Southeast Asia, the Philippines has been bombarded with products for this sector. However, products of high quality are often too expensive for farmers, while more affordable products can be of lower quality and cost more in the long run due to the more frequent need to replace parts.

In farming, there is heavy use of tools and equipment, as work needs to be done promptly to maximize every season. Andrew Dela Cruz, COO of My Happy Farmer, says that there is a demand for quality farming tools and equipment for farming requirements, “Especially this year, with [the] unpredictable weather patterns, each day of work has never been as important as before. Farmers are pressured to complete land preparation planting, and even harvesting in [the] fastest time possible to prevent [the loss of] crops to typhoons, floods, and [most] recently, drought.”

“We are very much aware of this and thus we strove for years [to develop and source] dependable partners [for] our farmers. Through our brand Nexpro, which has been in the agricultural market for more than 35 years, we have finally completed our product line, from heavy farm equipment such as Combination Harvester, Power Tiller, [and] Shredder-Chipper, to providing the most extensive line of spare parts that are [of high] quality and affordable,” he

Nexpro recently brought the Combine Power Harvester to the Philippines, and Dela Cruz says, “We have actual farmer testimonies [from those] who are very happy with their Nexpro Power Harvesters because it has managed to increase harvesting productivity and reduced expenses significantly.”

The Nexpro Knapsack Sprayer is also a new must-try item on the product list of the brand. Unlike other sprayer in the market that are made of heavy steel, it is made of durable and lightweight PVC material. The sprayer also boasts of dual power capability as it can be used manually with pumping or automatically through its rechargeable lithium battery pack.

The Nexpro Brushcutter offers different blades depending on the requirement. There is a blade for small trees, another blade for tall grass and weeds, a blade for harvesting, and a blade for cutting small grass. The Nexpro Shredder- Chipper is capable of breaking down organic waste such as leaves, branches, and even paper waste. This will allow the user to achieve sustainable waste management in their area.

But most important of all is the assurance of a complete line of replacement parts for Nexpro’s products. “Having a complete line of replacement parts is very important [for] any tool or equipment, because this ensures [the] reliability and commitment of…Nexpro: that we will stand by our products and assure our farmer partners that we will remain with them for years to come,” said Dela Cruz.

For more information, visit My Happy Farmer.

This appeared in Agriculture Monthly’s December 2016 issue. 

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