How to Consume Meat if You’re Concerned About the Environment

By Patricia Bianca S. Taculao

Meat is a staple in many cultures because it provides nutrients and minerals that are good for the body. Additionally, there are a lot of dishes that can be made from different cuts and types of meat.

Some people are concerned with the environment and have began to cut down on their meat consumption because they believe that meat production may have a negative impact on our surroundings.

For those who really love meat, there’s a middle ground where consumers can still eat meat while showing concern for the environment, and it all depends on their lifestyle. Here are a few steps to follow:

  1. Limit your meat consumption

    One way to support the environment is by going green. It doesn’t mean completely giving up meat but rather opting for options that involve more fruits and vegetables. This helps in lowering the drastic measures needed to be done in order to meet the demands for animal-based food.

  2. Know the nutritional content of meat

    There are two kinds of meat: red and white. White meat comes from animals such as chicken or turkey and is considered to be healthier for consumption and even environmentally-friendly. Red meat from cows, on the other hand, may be more tender but has a probability of increasing heart disease if consumed frequently. This is due to its saturated fat content.

  3. Purchase local

    Visit the local farmers’ market and meet your farmers or ranchers. Learn about their livestock’s growing condition to promote organic eating as well as supporting local products.
  1. Be prudent in cooking

Cook meat in soups and stews because the process doesn’t produce possible harmful compounds that come with cooking meat in high heat. In addition, soups and stews lessen food waste because bones and other remnants can be added to the broth. It also makes limiting meat consumption easier because it can be mixed with other ingredients such as vegetables.

Too much of everything can be harmful—even meat consumption. It’s important to limit the amount of meat we eat because our bodies are not the only ones who benefit from it. Less meat can prove to be good for the environment as well.

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Patricia Bianca S. Taculao
Patricia Taculao, or Patty as she likes to be called, is a content producer for Manila Bulletin Digital Lifestyle. She graduated from University of Santo Tomas with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism. She loves to spend her free time, reading, painting, and watching old movies.

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