By Patricia Bianca S. Taculao

The Chinese government will punish two large-scale pig farms for hiding outbreaks of  African Swine Fever despite the country’s efforts to contain the spread of the epidemic.

According to China’s Ministry of Agriculture, a farm in Heilongjiang province failed to report an outbreak of ASF on time, deliberately dodged quarantine, and even sold sick pigs. Meanwhile, another farm in Jiangsu province also neglected to report an outbreak and even tampered with data.

Farms that fail to report an outbreak on time or refused to cooperate on control regulations like quarantine, isolation, and culling of pigs won’t receive forced-culling subsidies.

During the last few months of 2018, there were several reports of African Swine Fever from different regions in China which resulted in the culling of over 900,000 pigs. The disease can be transmitted through contact but has no negative effects to humans but could severely impact the global swine industry.

The Chinese government then took steps to prevent the spread of the disease to other locations. The strict restrictions on the farms reflect the urgency of the Chinese officials to tackle the disease.

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