How to Properly Water Orchids

By Patricia Bianca S. Taculao

Orchids are a popular choice for many plant enthusiasts. It grows in different conditions like in a potting medium made from bark instead of soil, but it needs to be watered differently than most common houseplants.

Here are some tips on how to water orchids for  maximum flowering results:

  1. For orchids grown in bark, use room temperature water to wet the bark and not the roots themselves. Avoid getting water into areas where the leaves meets the stem because this can cause rot.

  2. For orchids potted in moss, water them from the top like most plants. But sphagnum moss retains water effectively so be careful not to drown the orchid.

  3. Know the right time to water orchids. This depends on a number of factors such as  temperature, amount of sunlight, and the type of orchid. A general rule is to water once a week for drought-tolerant types. On the other hand, all types should be moistened thoroughly each time the plant is watered, then allowed to dry out before watering again.

  4. Pick the right fertilizer to mix with the water. Many orchids don’t require fertilizer in order to bloom. In the event that a liquid fertilizer is chosen, use only half of it and only for every other time of watering. Stop fertilizing during the cold months and begin again when the temperature rises.

When given proper care, orchids can bloom beautifully wherever they may be located. The process may be tedious, especially since there are different types of orchids to grow, but it pays off when they bloom .

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