Tips to Maximize Soil Potential

Soil is a key component to plant health and a garden’s vitality. Cultivating it requires a lot of time and effort because the type and quality of soil affects the success of plant growth.

The ideal soil for plants has to offer a balance of air, water, and nutrients. But the ideal soil, which is a humus-rich balance of silt, sand, and clay, is sometimes hard to come by.

Gardeners must contribute to soil improvement because its components change naturally with time and weather.

Here are some general guidelines in working a garden:

  1. Add nutrients directly to the soil instead of the plant. Pay attention to the weather and use organic matter as fertilizer.
  2. Don’t dig when the soil is either too wet or too dry. It’s in good consistency when a fistful of it crumbles easily.
  3. Don’t walk on beds. Stepping on soil makes it more compact, which prevents air, water, and nutrients from reaching the plants.
  4. Avoid overtilling. Excessive disturbance of the soil can destroy it’s structure, leaving it too loose or too hard.

Following the guidelines above could help retain the natural properties of soil while increasing its productivity.

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