Vietnamese Library Runs a Mini Ecosystem to Teach Kids Urban Farming

Photos by Thai Thach and Viet Dung An via Dezeen

The new VAC Library in Hanoi, Vietnam is an interactive space where children can learn about urban farming. It is designed by Vietnamese architecture studio Farming Architects to be a full-service learning center that houses both books and outdoor knowledge.

Its goal is to teach children how a self-sustaining ecosystem works by having them experience it firsthand while also learning more about it from books. 

The library houses many books to read. Its structure also serves as a jungle gym where the children can play in.

The library is surrounded by lush greenery and is equipped with an aquaponic farm, a koi pond, and roaming chickens that all contribute to the library’s ecosystem.

The vegetation helps purify the water in the pond and solar panels harvest energy to light the space as well as power the pond’s pumps.

Meanwhile, waste from both the koi ponds and chickens can be used to fertilize the vegetation surrounding the library.

VAC Library features an open air-structure build from a modular wooden grid that forms a pergola-like umbrella over the concrete foundation.

It also serves as a jungle gym where kids can play. The lattice holds concrete planters and cubbies full of books.

It’s a great way for kids to have fun while learning about agriculture.

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    1. May I know more this library in datail ? Is there any email address to see their program or works or website?

      1. Hello! You can google the name of the library for information. Thank you!

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