By Josephus Jules S. Vivas

Pa-iwi is a commonly used term in Southern Tagalog that means paalaga. It’s a practice where an agripreneur invests in livestock to be cared for by another farmer in his or her stead. Think daycare center, but for farm animals. Both owner and farmer equally benefit from whatever the livestock produces.

Farm Cradle International Inc. is one of the most promising agribusinesses in our country today. The company was founded by couple Tony and Sandy Santos, and is a sub-farm of DV Boer Farm Enterprise. Their presence in the agricultural scene not only answers the growing demand for milk and other dairy products in the Philippines, but allows Filipinos a chance to invest in a modern pa-iwi system.

Some of the kids (young goats) found in Farm Cradle.

Located in San Raymundo, Balungao, Pangasinan, Farm Cradle has a multi-faceted estate covering 12 hectares of operational land, complete with various facilities for hydroculture, aquaculture, and agricultural purposes. Of course, they specialize in the latter, particularly in goat raising.

They currently have 12 goat houses made from indigenous materials, sheltering more than 2000 goats and counting. Each of the buildings come with heaters and maternity pens. The breeds of these ruminants range from native to hybrids such as Anglo-Nubian, British Alpine, Saanen, and LaMancha.

Farm management ensures that the goats are well taken care of by supplying them vitamins, mineral licks, and an interchanging diet. Goats are given corn silage for carbohydrates, napier grass as filling, legumes like indigofera and rensoni, and feed concentrate when necessary.

Farm Cradle makes their own corn silage to feed its goats.

Farm Cradle is prepared to address the challenges that goes with raising goats, as each staff is trained and well-compensated to do their jobs well. All guests follow sanitary procedures before entering a loafing shed to ensure that the ruminants do not get sick. And, there’s even a clinic and pharmacy dedicated for the farm animals.

With the continuous development of their amenities, Farm Cradle, has a lot more in store. Other than the goat pa-iwi, they offer programs like cattle affineur, chicken pa-iwi, sub-farm accreditation, and farm visits.

Why become a goat pa-iwi partner?

“With a strong market for goats milk and meat, goat raising proves to be very profitable,” said CEO of Farm Cradle Sandy Santos. She adds, “Balungao is the goat capital of the North. It’s a staple in Pangasinan. There are no religious taboo with eating its meat, and it’s one of the cleanest and healthiest red meat; low in Cholesterol and saturated fat.”

How to be a partner?

The goat pa-iwi partner funds the livestock which the farm will raise and sell. The payout from the shared profit is released on a given schedule.

Starting this January 2019, an agripreneur can invest in a dairy goat pa-iwi package which consists of 15 healthy does(female goats), for a one time payment of P160,000. Contract period goes for 36 months with a guaranteed total return of P232,500 or a net profit of P72,500.

It’s a unique way to get involved in agriculture, especially if you have no time to farm yourself.

You may get a digital contract here or go to their farm in Pangasinan, for an in-person contract signing. Payment should be sent through Farm Cradle business accounts.

For more details, check out their website, and Facebook account.