Gardening as means to improve mental health

According to a column by horticulturist Monty Don in Gardeners’ World magazine, gardening can be a possible treatment for mental illnesses since the activity has the same effects that medicine tries to replicate for mental health.  

He claims that gardening is a good all-round exercise that encourages high levels of well-being in a person. He added that gardening is also a way to find beauty amidst the chaos of daily living.

Don has spoken openly about his depression and how the natural world, along with his dog, has helped him through hard times.

Recently, he has began discussing the future of researching gardening as a treatment for mental illnesses.

Along with numerous researchers, the Royal Horticultural Society, the United Kingdom’s leading garden charity, has also been exploring gardening as a treatment for mental health problems for some time.

Early analysis on the improvement of mental health from gardening showed a rapid recovery from substance abuse, and even a decrease in depression and anxiety.

There are many benefits that come from gardening. Better mental health may soon officially become one of them.

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