Banana Blossom, more known as “banana heart” (“puso ng saging” in Filipino), is making the hearts of vegans blossom as it is now being considered a new meat alternative.

Grocery chains in the UK are planning on having this Southeast Asian and Indian cuisine staple in their vegan ready meals. Several restaurants London have started serving banana blossom in their menu and people who got to try it compare it to lamb meat.

People who looking for meat substitutes consider two things: one is a high-protein alternative for meat such as peas and soy, and the other is fiber-rich and nutritional food, to which the banana blossom fall into place. Having a fibrous texture and a neutral taste, it is easier for the banana blossom to absorb flavor. Kombu broth and nori wrappers make the magic happen to transform a banana heart into fish meat.

There is a rising number in vegetarians and vegans as well as the “flexitarians” — people who eat meat but in less amount, which is being catered to by these food chains and are the ones who are psyched about this new meat alternative.

Being one of the top banana producing countries in the world, banana farmers in the Philippines can capitalize on this by marketing banana blossoms properly. Filipino restaurants can revolutionize the use of the banana blossom and with banana hearts, vegans’, vegetarians’, and flexitarians’ hearts might go bananas!

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