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Actor, director, film director, and philanthropist Morgan Freeman recently decided to convert his 124-acre ranch in Mississippi into a bee sanctuary.

Freeman imported 26 beehives from Arkansas to his ranch, where he works to preserve the natural pollinators by feeding them sugar and water and by planting bee-friendly trees and plants like magnolia trees, lavender, and clover.

He said he only feeds the bees and has no intention of harvesting honey or disrupting the beehives under his care.

The 81-year-old celebrity began beekeeping back in 2014 prior to an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

In his interview, Freeman discussed with Fallon his experience keeping bees and the importance of preserving as well as saving wild bees. Freeman added that he never wears a bee suit or bee hat but the bees haven’t stung him yet.

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