Need of millennial farmers in the US arises

The  average farmer in the United States is now 50 years old and above. As these farmers bid their farewells to farming, fewer ones are taking their place.

Most farmers are in the industry because it runs in the blood, it’s the family path. Today, millennials from agricultural families are refusing  to continue the tradition. Meredith Bell, founder of Autonomy Farms, is younger than the usual farmer. She states that it is hard to be part of the industry if you didn’t come from an existing family in the business because capitals needed are really high.

Fewer food choices for public consumption is a result of the decline of farming, as well as a lowered quality of food production.

Small farms are important in keeping commercial farms from monopolizing the industry. This is why it is essential that more young people consider agriculture as a livelihood.

There are several groups that provide education for starting farmers such as the Community Alliance With Family Farmers.

Young people can also help uplift the agriculture industry by combining it with technology such as the use of drones, and even social media.

Their health consciousness also makes them ideal farmers, as they value quality ingredients, which can translate into producing quality crops and livestock.

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