Being around green spaces improves your mental health

People are naturally drawn to green spaces, and having plants indoors is a way of achieving a similar effect, especially if you live in an urban area. Research shows that being surrounded by greenery is beneficial to one’s mental health.

Arboretum, an independent organization that cares for the planet, conducted a study where 42% of their 2000 respondents said that having plants around improved their mental health. 56% of the participants in London answered that plants brought them happiness.

Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) director general said that gardening affects our mind positively. Simply focusing on doing tasks by our own hands such as weeding, pruning, or planting helps us relax. 90% of RHS members say that they feel better around plants, especially when gardening.

Dr. Faisal Maassarani, founder of the UK’s first ‘social prescribing’ charity, believes that there are more holistic approaches to mental health other than drugs. These can be activities that involve nature and being around the community, such as gardening, that helps in clearing the mind and reducing stress.

A study was also conducted wherein working on a technical task feels uncomfortable and fake while working with plants feels natural and soothing. Lowered blood pressure and improved productivity are other beneficial effects of being around green spaces.

Communities are engaging in horticultural activities to help those experiencing anxiety and depression.

Aside from boosting your mental health, having plants also means taking small steps in reducing pollution. Not only are you helping yourself, but you are doing your community a good deed, too!

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