Famous toy company builds a life-size replica of a cherry blossom tree

To commemorate springtime in Japan, Legoland Japan built a life-size model of the country’s popular cherry blossom, or sakura tree, entirely out of Lego bricks. 

Photo from The Lego group.

Made out of 881,470 Lego  bricks, the replica stands 4.5 meters tall and took over 6,700 hours to build before it was shipped to Japan for final assembly. The model also features a set of lanterns, made out of Legos as well, that lights up at night.

Cherry blossom trees are a lovely sight because of its flowers that are almost pure white but tinged with the palest hue of pink, especially near the stem.

The replica was given the title of Guinness World Record for the largest Lego brick cherry blossom tree the previous year and is now located in Legoland Japan in Nagoya for visitors to enjoy.

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