Steps of small farmers can lead to bigger changes

Agriculture is a huge factor that affects climate change, but the reverse can also happen. If we don’t take steps in taking care of the environment, by 2030, its condition would worsen and all efforts currently being done would be for naught.

Small farmers are the ones who would be the most affected by climate change, but they are also in a good position to implement innovations the farming industry that can help reduce harmful gases, which can help in adapting to climate change.

Before, we tend to boost farming by using more, more, and more — land, water, energy, synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. But today, we have started to move towards healthier and more sustainable ways of farming. Intensification of sustainability happens in three steps: increased efficiency, substitution, and redesign.

Some techniques tried were conservation agriculture and integrated pest management. Conservation agriculture is the minimal disturbance of the natural biodiversity of the soil. An example of the latter is “push-pull integrated pest management,” wherein farmers deal with weeds by using other plants. “Zero budget natural farming” is also a method that farmers promote. This method of farming avoids the usage of any synthetic products.

These innovations would probably help promote climate-proof agriculture but in order to achieve this, farmers, development agencies, governments, and scientists should work hand in hand. Small farmers can testify that these methods are effective; it is up to them to make the others follow the same path.

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