According to Paddy Butler of Second Home, an office in London, a workplace filled with plants helps makes a good working environment. Green spaces are said to boost people’s productivity.

The staff of this office shares their space with more than a thousand plants. Butler states that it is nicer to work near greenery because it is natural for people to respond and be around other living things, such as plants.

Oto Udobong, a staff member of Oval Tube Station, agrees with Butler. Oval Tube contained a lot of plants long before it was cool to have green working spaces. For him, plants are pleasant to look at and bring him happiness. They let him breathe and make him feel like he is out with nature. He added that some of his workmates even talk to plants to destress.

Stefan Walters, a former systemic psychotherapist in National Health Service (NHS) in London, encourages people undergoing recovery from addiction to grow potted plants. The experience of connecting to something while it grows gives people a sense of responsibility, which helps them recover. Appreciating the beauty of plants also helps relax one’s mind.

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