Instagram hacks on how to keep your plants healthy

Want to know some do-it-yourself procedures on how to do and take care of your plants? American Instagram account Blossom posted three hacks about gardening and it reached 2.6 million views in a few days. Here’s what the videos were about:

To save a plant from wilting, the presenter put some rusty nails in a bottle of water. He then shook the bottle until the water started to discolor. The water contained iron from the rusty nails, which helps in nourishing the plant. He poured the rusty-water on the plant and voila, the plant was revived.

The second video is about using an ice cream cone as a seed starter. The presenter planted a seed in an empty ice cream cone for it to grow and later on was repotted into a larger pot when it was ready. The biodegradable cone disintegrated as the plant grew.

The last video taught its viewers to use an empty plastic egg carton as a vegetable patch. The presenter cut holes at the top of an egg carton and filled them with water. Then, roots of the spring onions were placed into the dividers. A timelapse video showed how the spring onions grow overnight, giving the gardener an endless stash of the veggie.

There are a lot of things you can do with stuff at your home that most people think of as trash. You can find ways to creatively reuse them by searching for solutions on social media.

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