By Nikky Necessario

In this time of global climate change, a local supermarket in the Bicol region has started to use banana leaves as packaging. LCC Supermarket has been serving Bicolanos since 1945. It started as a textile store, becoming a supermarket and later on obtaining its own department store.

Following this eco-friendly trend from Thailand and Vietnam, LCC in Albay started to use banana leaves and straws as vegetable wrappers instead of using plastics. LCC landed on this plan because they believe that this movement contributes to environment preservation. The team continues to find ways to improve their services with the responsibility for their communities in mind.

The company is happy to set the trend in the industry because they believe that the more people get involved in being mindful about packaging, the bigger the positive impact it can cause.

Banana leaves as packaging for broccoli in LCC Supermarket in Albay.

Aside from its recent use of banana leaves as packaging, LCC supermarket had ditched plastic bags at their checkout counters long before and currently promotes using reusable ecobags. The supermarket is continuously looking for programs that promote environment preservation to sustain this advocacy. They are also looking into having collaborations with the younger generation because they believe that the youth are highly-creative and are strong influencers in this movement.