Gardening 101 for lazy gardeners

Who says gardening is not for lazy people? Here are actually techniques on how a ‘lazivore’ can thrive in the garden.

First, it’s okay not to be by the book. Good-old-boy farming includes digging, weeding, hoeing-you know the drill, but skipping some of these might actually save you time and energy. You can try tolerating some weeds, especially if they’re edible, until they become destructive. Letting nature do its job is also okay. Don’t overthink plant spacing and let nature deal with it.

Being ‘too’ hands on on your plants is also a no-no for a lazy gardener. Some plants need tough love and overwatering or overfertilizing might actually do them more harm than good. Allow them to develop on their own. Herbs, perennial vegetables, and shiitake mushroom logs are examples of crops that need minimal effort.

Starting small is alright. A tiny harvest is still a harvest, and it is also a step forward. At times, you may have worked hard for a crop for a long time but it didn’t bloom, so maybe it isn’t the right plant for you and it’s all right to move on (but be sure to plant again!). But in case everything else fails, don’t be too hard on yourself because (lazy) gardening shouldn’t make you mad at yourself. After all, gardening should relax you and not stress you out.

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