Experimenting with plant color echoing can bring a sense of peace to your garden

Experimenting in your garden might actually give you beautiful results, and one thing you can try is a method called “color echoing.” Echoing color means using different plants with the same color and having it spread in different placements. This technique is believed to be very serene and peaceful to the viewer’s gaze.

A pretty example might be scattering sedum, begonias, and hydrangeas on a patch of your garden, all of which are echoing the color pink. Another example might be using white tuberous begonias echoed with Swedish ivy, which has green and white varieties. Mixing a little white ‘diamond frost’ euphorbia might be a pleasant sight, too.

Don’t be scared to spread different plants with similar colors around your garden. You will never know what majestic effect they can have on your green space.

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