By Nikky Necessario

Science Haemieupseong Strawberry Farm is a three-hectare farm of potatoes, blueberries, king’s berries, bunchberries, and strawberries located in Haemi, three hours away from Seoul, South Korea. It is owned by a farmer named Seon Kwon Soo, who has been farming for 10 years now.

Haemieupseong uses hydroponics in their strawberry farms. No chemical pesticides are used, and harvests from the farm are exported to the United States and Australia. The farm attracts over 100,000 tourists yearly and is also a popular destination for local students on field trips.

Aside from producing fruits and crops which they sell directly to the consumers, Haemieupsong is also known for their wines and jams. They distill wines made from strawberries, blueberries, aronias, quinces, and siberian ginseng, all grown on their farm. Their brand, Sainthouse Wine, is exported to Australia. They also make jams from strawberries, blueberries, and mandarin melon berries.

Seon Kwon Soo in Science Haemieupseong Strawberry Farm.

Farmer Seon emphasizes living healthily because it encourages natural healing within ourselves. He believes that organic food is healthy, that’s why he doesn’t use chemicals on his farm. He also likes the thought of the youth turning to farming after they retire, just like he did, because he believes that farming is like living your second life.