Help Mindoro garlic farmers by buying their stocks

Garlic farmers need our help!

Chef Jam Melchor, president of Philippine Culinary Heritage Movement and president of Slow Food Youth Network, recently called for support for the mango farmers due to a surplus, and the public answered, with people flocking to buy the delicious fruit.

Now, Melchor once again takes to social media, this time to rally support for local garlic growers.

Farmers from Lubang, Occidental Mindoro are trying to sell 70 tons of garlic, which costs Php100 per kilogram. If properly stored, these garlic could last up to six months.

Only 6% of the country’s garlic needs are sourced locally, while the remaining 94% is imported. Melchor emphasizes that we should support our farmers by buying from them, “This is just one way. Supporting our local farmers and agriculture.”

Melchor hopes that the Department of Agriculture (DA) and Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) will continue educating and giving assistance to garlic farmers. He said that there is no oversupply, but the support for our local farmers is very much needed.

To buy garlic directly from these farmers, you can contact DA High Value Crops Development Program (HVCDP) Coordinator of MIMAROPA Sonnie Sinnung at 0917 843 3046.

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