Bees across the globe are in decline today, but not in Slovenia. In 2002, the government imposed a policy to protect local Carniolan bees. The trading of imported bees was regulated and a number of pesticides were also banned due to deaths of bees in 2011.

Aside from the countryside, Slovenia’s capital city, Ljubljana, is also a place where bees thrive. The government mandated the growing of nectar-producing plants such as chestnuts, sunflowers, lime trees, and the like, which will feed the honeybees. The number of hives per area is also regulated to avoid food competition among the insects. The government also sets training courses for beekeepers and beekeepers-to-be to equip with the right knowledge and skills for beekeeping.

Proper education and the right amount of government and related organizations are keys to the survival and continuous growth of bees.

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