Vietnam fights plastic consumption with grass-made straws

Plastic straws are a big contributor to pollution, but some enterprising folks from Vietnam have found a way to make sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives.

Tran Mihn Tien, owner of Ống Hút Cỏ., thought of making straws out of sedge grass. He uses the grass species Lepironia Articulata, known as co bang in their community, which grows in the Mekong Delta region in southwest Vietnam. This grass has a hollow stem which makes it good material for drinking straws. Tran sells a fresh and dried varieties of grass straws. The fresh version can be kept for up to two weeks while the dried one can be stored for up to six months.

Tran sells the straws in bundles of 100 with a dry straw priced at 1,000 Vietnamese dong (around Php 3.00) and a fresh straw at 600 Vietnamese dong (around Php 2.00). Ống Hút Cỏ. in present is supplying only limited in Vietnam. Another company, Zero Waste Saigon, also makes use of the Mekong Delta wild grass as straws. These companies are up to fight against plastic pollution.

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