Walk like it’s still spring with these sakura sneakers

Even though Japan’s cherry blossom, or sakura, season is over, it can still knock you off your feet with these new kicks. Sneaker brand Converse collaborated with the Toyoshima, a Japanese textile company, on specially-colored cloths made from naturally extracted dyes from coffee grounds, blue herbal tea mixes, and sakura.

This coming August, Converse will release three new special sneakers named Blue Mallow, Drip Coffee, and Sakura. The names of the shoes came from the materials used to give the sneakers their color. Toyoshima used real sakura petals to make the pink dye for the ‘Sakura’ model. No sakura trees were harmed in making this dye. The sakura trees used were specially bred and petals were gathered after sakura fubuki, or cherry blossom blizzards, when they’re already on the ground.

Portions of the profit from the shoes will go to sakura tree planting projects in northeastern Tohoku region in Japan, which was devastated by the 2011 tsunami. The shoes will be exclusively sold in Japan.

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