Robert Downey Jr. is trying to save the world outside the MCU with this climate change coalition

Iron Man and Tony Stark in the Marvel Universe, aka Robert Downey Jr. off screen, doesn’t just save the world in movies, he’s doing it in real life as well.

The actor took to the stage in Las Vegas to announce his 2020 project called ‘Footprint Coalition’ at re:MARS artificial intelligence conference by Amazon. He believes that the fight against climate change would be made easier and more feasible with robotics and nanotechnology (something that Stark would probably say). Actor Matt Damon is also with Downey in this initiative.

A website for the Footprint Coalition is up for newsletter subscribers for further updates of the project. On the same day that Downey announced his movement, the Breakthrough National Centre for Climate Restoration reported a warning about the possible effects of climate change such as mass species extinction, economic disruption, population reduction, and social chaos. Also on the same day, U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden said that he would allot $5 trillion for the fight against climate change if he was elected.

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