Banana tree trunks aren’t just to hold the plant up. A blog post pointed out that they can be used as effective planters for short root crops.

The trunks of banana trees have an excellent capacity to retain water, which allow for plant growth even during drier times. When arranged properly, they can also save space. Turning a banana trunk into a planter is easy: just turn the trunk so that it’s horizontal, carve some holes in it at equal distances, fill it with soil, and it’s ready to use.

Since the planter is made from organic matter, once it rots,  it can also be used as fertilizer. Trunks must be chopped down to small pieces to avoid insect infestation. Taking advantage of the trunks’ water retentive abilities is a way for farmers to be less dependent on rain for water. A bonus is that it is affordable because it is very accessible to farmers.

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