Fiona Presly, a library assistant in Inverness, Scotland, spends most of her free time in her lovely garden. While gardening, she saw a bumblebee wandering among her plants, but this creature did not have wings.

This bumblebee, which she named Queen Bee, suffered from a virus that made it wingless. Presly made a little bee house with a mini garden covered with a mesh structure to protect it from predators. She brought Queen Bee wildflowers to suck nectar from. The bee seemed to know what Presly was doing for it because it would come out of its little abode whenever she arrived.

Queen Bee lived longer than the usual 18-week lifespan of bumblebees, thanks to Presly’s care. Queen Bee is  just one of the many bees that the world is losing at an alarming rate today. What Presly did is a good reminder for everyone to take care of and save the bees.

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