Call of action of some Twitter netizens regarding the mango surplus crisis

By Nikky F. Necessario

There has been a recent call of action to support our mango farmers due to a surplus of the national fruit. Tons of mangoes were about to go to waste, which prompted Chef Jam Melchor, President of Philippine Culinary Heritage Movement, to take to social media to ask the help of everyone to alleviate the oversupply. Twitter users supported this cause by encouraging their friends and followers to buy mangoes. Here are some of the calls for help

@tacodevourer’s twitter thread gained 6,300 favorites and 1,400 retweets, which brags about the Philippine’s “mango superiority” and a shout out to aid our local farmers.

@thranduilien suggested that it’s time for Filipinos to eat everything that has mango in it such as mango graham shake, mango float, and sticky mango rice at least five times a week because it’s healthy and it will help with the mango surplus crisis.

@Geeyulia made a cute gif that told her friends to buy lots of mangoes.

@feanneart posted about a supermarket where you can buy mangoes, and she even advised buyers to skip the plastic bags.

@Maiamschief even posted healthy recipes from Pinterest that contains mangoes.

@fancydahyunie, a Once (a fan of the South Korean girl group Twice) asked her fellow Onces to support the local farmers in buying mangoes.

A Mamamoo (also a South Korean girl group) fan, @tagalogmamamoo, tweeted a meme of Wheein (vocalist of the group) eating mangoes ‘as her way of helping’ in the surplus problem.

MNL48 (a Filipino idol group), released the music video for their song ‘Igai ni Mango’ (Surprisingly Mango) on the same day that the news about the mango oversupply blew. 

MNL48 fan @pyonstar88 tweeted about it not being a coincidence. She even asked for a collaboration between MNL48 and the Department of Agriculture (DA). Would you want to witness that?

The DA launched ‘TienDa’ booths last June 10-11 for the Metrowide Mango Festival, which helped in reducing the mango surplus. These netizens did their share in aiding our farmers to market their excess mangoes. Let’s not put our national fruit to waste by buying and supporting our local farmers!

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Nikky Necessario
Nikky Necessario was Agriculture Monthly magazine’s content producer. An Archer from the concrete jungles of Taft as she obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Philippine Studies from the De La Salle University.The biggest irony of her as an Agriculture writer is that she does not eat vegetables (aside from Kimchi). A proud loving mom of four dogs and three cats.

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