What does your flower-giving preference says about you and your feelings?

People are used in giving flowers on different occasions like Valentine’s Day, birthdays, graduations, or even as a day greeting. But do you know the meaning behind every flower that you give or receive? Flowers are often given to express different emotions, but there are underlying meaning to every flower and color.

Roses are the most common flowers given especially when someone is declaring love, which is represented by the color red. White roses symbolize pure and innocent love, a perfect present when someone is just starting in a relationship. Pink roses denote happiness and spiritual growth, while yellow pieces mean joy, and may also be jealousy.

Gardenias and tulips are a rare choice of flowers to give; however, receiving such flowers signifies that the giver is a joyful person and that he is happy to have you in his life. Daisies represent perfect union and the beauty of simplicity. Sensuality is symbolized by orchids, but the meaning still varies depending on color: white for purity, red for desire, violet for wisdom, blue for peace, pink for affection, and yellow for eroticism. Jasmine has a pleasant scent and is used as protection. It also represents order. Lotus flowers, on the other hand, indicate enlightenment, creation, and spiritual evolution.

In some countries, flowers have specific meanings. For one, carnations symbolize a democratic revolution in Portugal. Poinsettia flowers mean purity of a departed warrior’s soul in Mexico. Part of the Scout Movement’s emblem is a lily, which means elegance, honor, and power. Giving sunflowers means sharing joy and is actually a sign of good luck and wealth. Last on this list are cherry blossoms which symbolize transition.

Have you ever received or gave these flowers and wonder why the receiver reacted that way? Now you know!

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