The roofs of the buses in Singapore go ‘green, green, green!’

A company that specializes in urban green structures installed green roofs on a number of buses in Singapore. GWS Living Art launched “Garden on the Move” to know the effects of greenery in reducing temperature inside these buses which could help in turn lower fuel consumption for air conditioning. GWS Living Art’s Zhi Kin said that some of the objectives of this campaign are to restore greenery in urban spaces, and to help species such as bees, butterflies, and birds to thrive in the cities.

Tan Chun Liang of the National University of Singapore is looking forward to use the research to show the positive effects of plants and how it can help mitigate climate change. Along with the green roofs campaign, another project in SG aims to make 80% of the buildings in the country green by 2030. Singapore pursues to be a “Garden City” to help improve climate and to bridge communities with green spaces.

Aside from the environmental benefits that the project poses, World Health Organization (WHO) claims that green spaces are important to the people’s mental health; since being surrounded by greenery reduces stress and relaxes the mind. GWS Living Art also launched a similar project in Malaysia wherein they installed green roofs among bus stop stations.

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