One of the most important fields, yet one of the most neglected, is agriculture. More and more people in the urban areas, particularly the youth, are ignorant as to where the food that they eat comes from. The non-deliberate ignorance about agriculture can lead to the lack of support from people, which is somewhat alarming. That is why Agriculture is suggested to be included in the schools’ curricula.

Although said inclusion could mean additional expenses to the students’ school budget, its benefits, however, of providing them with valuable agricultural knowledge is hard to outweigh, especially from exposure trips in farms. Introducing agriculture to students could be a way to encourage them to pursue a path in agriculture. Although it is not expected for students to graduate with an in-depth knowledge about farming, having a background on where the food that they consume is coming from could be helpful.

Preparing today’s youth and the next generation with proper education and exposure is important for a sustainable agriculture.

So, do you think Agriculture should be included in today’s school curricula? I guess your answer would be as good as mine.

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