Studies say eating more vegetables and fruits lower risk of cardiovascular-related diseases

Does eating vegetables and fruits a no-no in your diet? Well, you better start making up your mind now because according to a study presented at Nutrition 2019, the American Society for Nutrition annual meeting, the lack of fruits and vegetables in people’s diet has been linked to cardiovascular-related diseases – and even deaths.

The study involved looking into the diets and food availability in 113 countries, as well as the majority of the causes of death in each country. Results showed that the number of deaths and cardiovascular-related diseases were noticeably high due to insufficient fruits and vegetables in the people’s diet. Around 1.3 million deaths were recorded because of lack of fruits, while around 1 million deaths were recorded for the lack of vegetables in their diet. Countries with the lowest consumption of these nutrients have the most recorded cases of deaths caused by cardiovascular diseases, which include South Asia, East Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa.

One of the study proponents, Dr. Victoria Miller, said that eating at least up to 800 grams of vegetables and fruits per day will lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases in humans, as well as decrease the tendency to become overweight or obese, which is also one of the known causes of such disease. Minimally processed foods like vegetables and fruits also help in cultivating good bacteria in the digestive tract.

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