A couple in Worcestershire, United Kingdom spent at least £12,000 (around Php770,000) to transform their back garden into their own ‘tropical fantasy.’ David and Sandra Traynor started the “magic” in March 2016. The couple, back then, really wanted to move into a new house with a blank slate for the garden so they can do their own work of transforming their fantasy into a reality – and it did happen.

Their ‘tropical fantasy’ now has a garden pond, which shelters 40 koi carp. There are also 80 palm trees and other tropical plants giving them an ‘immersive experience’ in their backyard.

Mr. Traynor, who was always into gardening, said that their garden is a product of hard work. Neighbors once thought of them as crazy, however, they are now amazed how they have transformed their empty space into a tropical paradise. He also mentioned that this style of gardening is ever green even in winter, thus, exempting them from weeding.

The Traynors now spend most of their time in the garden rather than inside their house, and for them, spending time and fortune in such a fulfilling project is all worth it.

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